Africa. Jambo!


Traveled three weeks to Tanzania/Zanzibar.

  • First week we spent climbing Kilimanjaro, and experience I honestly did not enjoy in the moment… but looking back am so satisfied that I did it. Dec 31, 2011, I got altitude sickness, felt like a freight train came out of nowhere and hit me. I spent New Year’s Eve throwing up at 14K feet, listening to climbers and porters alike celebrating outside my tent. Jan 2, 2012, we all summitted! 19,500ft.
  • Second week was spent exploring Tarangire National Park and Ngorongoro Crater seeing elephants (tembos), giraffes (twigas), lions, zebras, a cheetah and so much more. If you ever go, stay at the Sopa Lodges in both parks, they’re amazing, especially after a week of climbing Kili.
  • Final week we flew to Zanzibar for some deserved R&R on the beach. Our resort was one of the most incredible places I’ve ever stayed. Stone Town was a pretty incredible town of narrow weaving roads, new foods and spices, and an apparently more relaxed muslim culture. That said, that island is not on my list to return to. It was huge and travel was hard, so it wasn’t an easy place to explore. I’m glad I saw it – it had been on my “list” since 2005 – but my sights are on new places in Africa.