Back in the Virgin Islands

Back in 2001 I moved to the Virgin Islands on a whim… Unsure what I wanted to do in life but knowing that I couldn’t follow my friends’ footsteps of banker/lawyer/Manhattan living, I bought a ticket to join my friend Nicole in St. John. Set to fly from DC on 9/15/01 circumstances (and perspective) changed quite a bit four days prior, but two weeks later I was on a beach in the sweltering fall heat and starting a new time in my life.

I ended up staying longer than I ever thought — 1 year 2 months. Something about the islands grabbed me then and never let go. There is a feeling I get on that island that I don’t get anywhere else, although at this point it’s more nostalgia for long ago days and carefree ways than an actual need to live there again. If you are looking for it, you can truly find the “Peter Pan” lifestyle.

10 years after we left the island, Nicole and I went back with another friend Kerry to say hello to some favorite places that have haunted my dreams from time to time after moving away. Seeing old friends was the best, but I can’t complain about the 80degree weather, aqua waters, flowing rum, and sailing seas.

Here are some choice photos from the trip: