My Morning Juice

Thought I’d super-charge my day by starting with a glass of power-packed fruit and vegetable juice. Made enough to have some for tomorrow morning too… I love juicing but hate the cleaning so I don’t often motivate to do it – so when I do I figure I might as well make double!

I’ve done a juice cleanse in the past and am always amazed at how much energy I have while doing it. I don’t often follow recipes, I just make sure I have an assortment of fruits/veggies in the fridge and then mix and match depending on how I feel. Cucumber (for the liquid and the refreshing taste) and kale (for the nutrients) are almost always included.

Mostly though, I love how this colorful assortment:

Carrot, apple, kale, spinach, orange, cucumber, lemon

Turns into this:

Fresh juice!



*ingredients are listed in order of how I juice them, you need to use some items to move along the others in the juicer

4 kale leaves, cutting off stems

1/3 cucumber

a handful of spinach

1 carrot

1/2 lemon (peeled, but leaving on as much white stuff as possible)

1/2 orange (peeled, but leaving on as much white stuff as possible)

1 yellow apple


Cheers! *gulp* ahhh…..