A Hike to Navaho Peak


Set off on a mini-adventure this past weekend. Drove east to Cle Elum to do an overnight hike at Stafford Creek / Navaho Pass. This was a solo mission, just me and my co-pilot Griffey. The weather was bluebird and the meadows were sunny:


Griffey loved exploring! It was hot and he was a trooper. We reached this marshy meadow 4 miles in and all up. Just past, the trail climbs up into drier territory – this is where I set up camp. I was tired and just wanted to settle before the sun set. Amazingly, I only saw one other tent up there – sunny Labor Day weekend this felt like jackpot! I set up camp a ways up the hill with a nice view of the mountains and sky and settled in for the night.


In the am I woke up early – on my birthday! – and finished the rest of the trail up to the top of Navaho Peak. Part way up the moonscape trail (open, rocky face, minimal trees), the path crested on the ridge and I was treated to a view of The Enchantments from the south:


From this point on I spent the rest of the hike feasting on the views – The Enchantments, Rainier in the distance, the morning sun orange on the hills around me. Arriving at the summit there was just one person up there. Saying he’d gotten his fill, he let me enjoy it all to myself. Spent an hour just relishing in the warm sun and 360 views. Griffey handle the peak like a boss:


We headed back down, made some breakfast and a delicious coffee, then packed up camp and took off down the trail. Seven miles of hiking today but at least most of it was downhill! Felt great to start this next year seeing a new view of our mountains, and find a spot of such solitude on a summer weekend.