Starry Long Exposure Night Photos of Fitz Roy

I’d envisioned myself taking some night shots in Patagonia ever since I booked my trip. Maybe the name of the blog gives it away but long exposure night shots are a favorite of mine, even though I am no pro and am still figuring out how to get the photo I want. I love being able to capture through 30 seconds of collected exposure what the eye can’t fully see in the moment.

Throughout my Patagonia time thus far though, the skies hadn’t cleared up at night for any shots. Also, with the daylight lasting til 10 or 11pm, that meant there was a shorter window to find clear sky during the dark hours.

Finally in Fitz Roy I had some luck! Ruth and I set our alarms for 1am and woke up to a fairly clear sky. Some clouds were hung up on Fitz Roy, but the stars were still out in the clear sections. Here are the end results:

Shooting star over Fitz Roy

Fitz Roy and tree at night

Soft clouds

Fitz Roy stars at night

Night sky star shot over Fitz Roy

It is so satisfying to be able to cross Patagonia star shots off my Life List! If you have tips for star shots please please pass on your knowledge, I am all ears.