It Was a Rainy, Blue Town, Fanny Pack Shopping Kind of Day in Chefchaouen

I was SOooo looking forward to my time in Chefchaouen – Morocco’s “blue town”, nestled under the mountains with most all of the buildings painted some shade of blue. I couldn’t wait to just wander the streets with my camera in hand!

Wouldn’t you know it, for the first time in my 2+ weeks in Morocco, I saw rain that didn’t let up. Lots of it. It was more camera in ziplock bag than hand. The rain has lasted the two full days I have been here, a drenching, chill-to-the-bone kind of rain made worse by the fact that my place doesn’t have heat and yet keeps the doors open all day.

Not that this stopped me from exploring, but it definitely put a bit of a wet blanket over the city!

Chefchaouen town in Morocco

Still, here is what I was able to capture. The blues were vibrant and the twisting walkways were fun to get lost in:

Blue walls

Blue streets of Chefchaouen

Old doorway in Morocco

Today in the afternoon the rain let up and the sun peeked out from behind the heavy clouds. I jumped on the timing and headed up to the river area – you can see from the photos the amount of water that’s flowing right now. I don’t think the stairs are supposed to be like this:

Water on the stairs

This made for some acrobatic city walking!

Local boy jumping over water in Chefchaouen

Local woman walking in Chefchaouen

Here’s the scene at the top of the walkway:

Moroccan watermill

Heading back to Hostal Alina, I came upon a shop that had some really interesting leather items. I ended up getting a hip bag (ok ok, fanny pack?!) custom sized just for me. It is awesome, I love it, and it’s definitely one of a kind now that I’ve seen him work on it in front of my eyes! Here is Abdel doing some adjustments on the fly:

Leather worker in Morocco

We communicated through Spanish which worked pretty well! Here is the finished product:

Leather fanny pack

Goat leather fanny pack