In Awe of Gaudí’s La Sagrada Familia Church in Barcelona

La Sagrada Familia is the notorious church in Barcelona whose construction began over 100 years ago under Gaudí and the final project isn’t slated to be done until 2030. To me the outside entrance looks a bit overdone and chaotic but once you get inside, your breath will be taken away, I guarantee it (and I don’t guarantee much).

La Sagrada Familia under construction

Deep thought statues

My first weekend in Barcelona I couchsurfed with two guys from northern Spain who could remember visiting the church when they were younger and the church not having a roof. Well now it has a roof and I have to say I spent most of my two hours inside looking straight up.

Rooftop of La Sagrada Familia

Jesus looking down

La Sagrada Familia patterned ceiling

The place is amazing, almost something out of Lord of the Rings, as though the columns could suddenly decide to pry themselves from the floor and walk the church off as a towering stained glass monster.

Sagrada Familia looks like a forest

Tall church columns

The light streaming in alone is enough to save a soul or two.

It is breathtaking:

Beautiful stained glass light

Sagrada Familia in black and white

Stained Glass of Sagrada Familia

Wall of stained glass

Don’t you feel like you need to climb this stairway?

Stairway to heaven

Some views from the tower:

Barcelona city view

Aerial view from Sagrada Familia

The west side of the building is crazy intricate:

West face of Sagrada Familia

Angels looking out over Barcelona:

Angels looking over Barcelona

Even nuns can be tourists!

Nuns at Sagrada Familia

Reflections of the church and me:


If you go to Sagrada Familia, be sure to prebook your ticket online. You sign up for a specific entry time, and they email you a barcode that you scan at the gate and skip all the lines. It’s expensive as far as entrance fees go – $22 euro for entrance + 1 tower + audio guide, but it is all worth it! At least you can clearly see your $$ at work in the construction. I think I will have to come back in 15 years to see the finished work!