Rooftop Terraces, Donkeys, Mosaics and Snails in Fez, Morocco

My mom and I visited Fez, Morocco, back in late March and I’m finally working on those photos. As I’m doing so I realized just how much I loved that city! It’s hilly, unlike flat Marrakech, which created some beautiful views. Plus the buildings were a pale yellow which was a nice change from the salmon-colored buildings common in much of the country.

We stayed at the absolutely amazing Dar Seffarine near Little Seffarine Square in the medina. It is a beautifully restored old house converted to a hotel, and looking at the photos of the restoration process you realize how lucky this house was to be bought by its current owners – a designer and an architect. From basically an old, dilapidated concrete structure to a intricately designed representation of centuries-old Moroccan living:

Fez hotel

The photos tell the story of the town better than I can, so I’ll let them speak for themselves:

Local construction workers balancing on boards + a rooftop furry with weeds:

Morocco construction on roofs

Fez City Hommes:

Locals in the square

Can you find me?

My shadow on the city

Seeing symmetry in the shadow of the street light:

Shadow of lamp on yellow wall

This is the courtyard of an old Islamic school:

Old Islamic school in Fez

Love these designs (I don’t know what the script says):

Moroccan mosaic and Arabic

This poor donkey had his parking brakes on! After I took this photo the owner came up and unlocked him:

Donkey with padlock on feet

Delicacies for sale we found piled into a big wheelbarrow in the medina:

Macro of snail

This cow was getting a shave (sorry for the graphic photo):

Cow head in the farmers market

Cool cat:

Cat closeup


Our Happy Place, sipping some wine late afternoon on the rooftop terrace of our Riad:

Mom and daughter on Riad rooftop in Fez

City hills from our roof:

Fez hillside and houses

The tanneries of Fez — the smell is strong and bad so they give you sprigs of mint when you go up to watch them at work. Looks like yellow was the color of the day for dying the leather this day (those are the yellow items drying on the rooftops):

Fez tanneries and mint sprig

Local school that I basically think was kids sitting in a room as a photo op so tourists would donate money (which we did). They were so cute:

Moroccan school girl

Little Moroccan kids in school

Two ladies making their way across the square:

Local Moroccan ladies walking

This guy was checking me out from the next roof:

Bird on roof in Morocco

Just another self-timer, sitting in some gardens of Fez:

Self portrait in the gardens in Morocco

Cutest tiniest coffee:

Moroccan coffee