about me

“This time tomorrow, where will we be?”

– The Kinks

I’m at heart a Seattleite but forever a traveler. I’ve spent a good portion of my life dreaming up ways to get outside my local confines and explore the greater world, meeting people, finding adventures and taking photos along the way.

If I’m not on the road, I am creating mini-adventures for myself in the home and kitchen. Following new recipes, or just winging it. Tinkering with my blog or other web projects. Trying to eat locally and healthily. Crafting new ways to display the photos I take. Painting on canvases that I then put away on a back shelf because, let’s face it: I love to paint but I’m not a painter. Reading reading reading (I’m a book nerd).

My favorite thing though is to hang out with my dog, my friends, my family talking over wine about the things we’ve all been dreaming up. I work in web and am a believer in the power of the internet in connecting us all. I love being able to work in the field I do. Oh yes and I sell empanadas with my mom on the side. Quite a mix, I know.

In November 2013 I left my job at K2 to spend eight months seeing some things around the world. I’ve done it once before but this time it came with a more comfortable feeling. I knew no matter where I went I’d have experiences that would shape me for the better. Now I’m back in Seattle, working at a web agency and reliving my travels from time to time by slowly working through all my photos and writing up memories on this blog. Hope you enjoy!