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I Found My Favorite Place – Eco Camping in Puerto Guadal

This moment happens to me on most every trip. I’m cruising along, staying here staying there, small towns, big cities, soaking up sun, trekking in the mountains… and then it happens. I find… Continue reading

Chili Chocolate No-Bake Cookies

These dense, spicy, dark-chocolate treats are my most favorite thing to make these days for so many reasons… #1:  Look here #2:  I LOVE CHOCOLATE, and I love chili chocolate like a kid loves… Continue reading

My Morning Juice

Thought I’d super-charge my day by starting with a glass of power-packed fruit and vegetable juice. Made enough to have some for tomorrow morning too… I love juicing but hate the cleaning so… Continue reading

March Madness

Today I started my own personal March Madness. Here’s my plan (posted on my fridge so I don’t slip up!): I have many reasons for doing this, but mostly my aim is to… Continue reading