More Photos from Valparaiso

A bit behind on posting, so wanted to get a few more photos from my time in Valparaiso up! This dog was waiting for something: Empanadas de pino – similar to Pampeana’s Carne… Continue reading

The Graffitied Walls of Valparaiso

Hilly Valparaiso sits on the coast of Chile, 1.5 hours from Santiago. There is no beach to speak of; you wouldn’t want to go in that water anyway. The best part of this… Continue reading

Goodbye Seattle, Hola Santiago

A few days ago I packed up my final things and said goodbye. I’ve never planned something like this so far in advance. In a way it was just a relief it was… Continue reading

Hanna & Rob’s Wedding Weekend in Hood River

I spent an incredible fall weekend in Hood River, Oregon, for the wedding of my dear friend Hanna and her man Rob-Rob. The setting was amazing – it was prime time for fall… Continue reading

Chili Chocolate No-Bake Cookies

These dense, spicy, dark-chocolate treats are my most favorite thing to make these days for so many reasons… #1:  Look here #2:  I LOVE CHOCOLATE, and I love chili chocolate like a kid loves… Continue reading

Seattle Sunset at Peak Park

Sunsets are like fires. Easy to stare at and get lost in, except with more colors and vastness and sense of space. In Seattle in autumn we get some fiery skies, and last… Continue reading

Sunset Runs in Discover Park

Busted out a 5 mile run the other day around my favorite running spot in Seattle – Discovery Park (map it). You don’t even feel like you’re in the city – the park… Continue reading

Easter Island On My Map

I bought some old maps at the Fremont flea market a year ago. Old meaning 1940. Old meaning in their world snapshot, Honduras still reaches the Pacific coast. Old meaning a couple have… Continue reading

All the things I want to do on my year off

I’m leaving my job in November to travel with no end date. Lately my morning jogs have been filled with me making a list of things I want to accomplish while I’m off.… Continue reading

A Hike to Navaho Peak

Set off on a mini-adventure this past weekend. Drove east to Cle Elum to do an overnight hike at Stafford Creek / Navaho Pass. This was a solo mission, just me and my… Continue reading