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Rooftop Terraces, Donkeys, Mosaics and Snails in Fez, Morocco

My mom and I visited Fez, Morocco, back in late March and I’m finally working on those photos. As I’m doing so I realized just how much I loved that city! It’s hilly,… Continue reading

Kids Playing Soccer in Morocco

We came across this local kids’ soccer game in Marrakech. The sun was noon-high and blazing. The field was ideal for urban play, with walls on both sides so they rarely had to… Continue reading

It Was a Rainy, Blue Town, Fanny Pack Shopping Kind of Day in Chefchaouen

I was SOooo looking forward to my time in Chefchaouen – Morocco’s “blue town”, nestled under the mountains with most all of the buildings painted some shade of blue. I couldn’t wait to… Continue reading

Riding Camels in the Moroccan Sahara Desert

My mom and I took a road trip to the Sahara Desert and I’m not sure where to start. How about our longer than expected (which translates to “I didn’t Google Map the… Continue reading

Marrakech Through My Eyes and Keyboard

I can only describe our days in Marrakech with some sort of stream of consciousness typing. I feel like any attempt at orderly documentation would go against our experience in this city. So in that… Continue reading

The Chaotically Amazing Marrakech, Morocco

Holy sensory overload. Arrived today in Marrakech from Madrid and had eight hours to kill before my mom met me from Seattle. Everything went incredibly smoothly, until my French-only speaking taxi driver stopped… Continue reading